Branding for Reels

Branding for Reels

Why bother? Is it really important to learn BRANDING FOR REELS?

This is how it will benefit you.

YOUR ACCOUNT WILL GROW 2-10X FASTER. You are creating reels that your audience wants to watch. Most creators spent months in creating contents base on the knowledge that they have, not what the audience want to know. That's why they don't engage or follow. When engagement is low, the algorithm will not push it out to more users.

YOU GET THE RIGHT FOLLOWERS. People are crystal clear with your reels, the values you offer and the service/product you offer. A weak brands lead to confusion. When people are confused, they don't take action.

YOU CAN CREATE BETTER REELS, WITH LESS TIME. If you are still constantly looking for ideas to make reels, you are confused. This will happen to your audience too. With branding, you will become laser focus on your content and everything you do. This will save 80-90% of your creation time.


Step 1: Who is your ideal client?

Who do you want as your clients?

Please don't say everyone.

If your answer is everyone, will you accept a client who don't pay you after your service?

How about a client who give you 1-star review, and then complain on all social media platforms?

You need to narrow down and clearly describe them. Here's a guide:

  • gender (you might want to serve both men and women, but which one do you prefer?)
  • age group (narrow it down 20-30, 30-40 or 40-50)
  • Nationality
  • Career or industry

Step 2: Find out their problem by talking to them over the phone or face to face

Never assume their problem. If you are going to invest 10-20 years to build a business, you should never build it on assumptions. If you don't understand your market and audience, you are gambling.

The best marketers and the most successful entrepreneurs shared 1 thing in common: they know their market inside out.

And the best way to know their market is to talk to them heart to heart.

True story: I was very sure that all entrepreneurs want to learn about digital marketing. When I call them up, their answer surprised me- They don't want to learn marketing. They just want to focus on their business. And they hope they can solve their 'marketing problem' by attending a seminar to learn some tricks, or just hire a person to solve it.

So, never ever assume their problems and pains.


Step 3: Developing your brand

Summarize your clients' pains and problems into 3 major ones.

Position yourself as an authority to solve these 3 problems or pains.

For example: one of the biggest problems of my ideal client is that they are not getting any sales or followers from their reels. They learn and tried different reels but they failed to get any good results. On top of that, their reel views are very low.

How do I position myself?

Alex is a reel coach who guides entrepreneurs in creating reels that deliver results. Over the past few months, he has coached entrepreneurs to achieve 5-figure monthly sales, and 10-20k views with reels.


  1. Can you fit everything within 4 short sentences on your IG bio?
  2. Did you look at your competitors' IG bio to use as reference and differentiate from them?
  3. Are you using simple language in your bio so that anyone can understand the benefits you offer, and the value your provide?
  4. Can people understand your brand with 1 glance? You need to change it if they cannot understand or confuse after reading the second time.
  5. Is your brand what your clients are looking for? Or is it just what you want to tell your clients?
  6.  Is your brand focus enough? You cannot be cheap, good quality and convenient. Choose 1 direction. No one will believe that you are good in everything.