5 Different Filming Angles for Reels & Tiktok

#1 Close-Up Shots

Close-Up Shots are important for physical products. You can use it to share the beauty, coolness or materials of the product. This video recording method is very effective in triggering the purchasing emotion.

1-2.5 seconds each clip. Filming it with good lighting such as soft-box light or indirect sunlight.

#2 Creative Demo

Demonstrate your service or product is an effective approach to show how easy it is to use your product, or how good it is in producing the results.

Great way to eCommerce products. 2-3 seconds each clip. No talking works very well. Keep it fast, and no explanation required.

#3 'First-Hand' Experience

Instead of telling your audience how good it is, create a 'first-hand' like experience by showing them what they will go through when they are going to dine in the restaurant, visit the resort, or pampered by spa services. 1-3 seconds each clip.

#4 Step-By-Step

Highly effective way to create a step-by-step tutorial. Simple instructions, with no explanation. Show, don't tell. Every step should be 2-3 seconds.

#5 Angle Swapping

If you need to talk on reels, try this. Don't stay with the same camera angle from beginning to end. Use these methods every 2-3 seconds to keep it interesting.