Reels Masterclass (Early Bird)

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Reels

Want More Sales & Business with Reels?

Find out how reels & short videos are changing marketing.

Do you think that reel is just another 'bubble', or will it change the marketing you know forever?

Reel Strategies: What Work & What Doesn't

'Reel' is introduced more than 1 year. Many gurus and courses are talking about trends, lip sync, dancing, and listing tips on reels. Do these methods still work?

I'm going to share my experiment and experience here.

3 Types of Reels You Must Have

If you have heard of 'Content Pillars', this is similar. You can also call them 'Reel Pillars'. You must have all 3 to grow your business with reels.

#1: Faceless Reels That Went Viral

No confident to show your face on reels? Many reels went viral without showing the creator's face. This type of reels is called faceless reels. Alex has used this kind of reels to grow client's account and sales quickly.

#2: On-Camera Reel & Its Strategy

Showing your face on camera is powerful if your business is in one of these niches. Here're some of the proven viral reels.

Another Kind of On Camera Reel: Talking Reels

After many testing and experiments on reels, our team realised that talking on reels is not as good as using 'texts and music'. But talking reel is important for some circumstances. Some creators are great on camera. With a good voice, these creators can shine with talking reels with some important tweaks.

Myth about Reel & Editing

Many gurus and creators with big following mentioned that 'editing will affect the views of the reels', or 'editing outside IG app is not favoured by the algorithm'. Is that true?

3 Must-Learn Reel Editing Basics

Video editing saves thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours for Alex. With editing, you don't have to retake / re-shoot when you make a mistake. And you can better reels with lower costs.

The Most Useful Editing Function- Overlay/PIP

I use this function in all my reels. This function is underrated, yet so useful. It allows you to add a photo, or video in your reels. It is called 'Overlay' in Capcut app, and 'PIP' in InShot app.

#2 Most Important Editing Function- Video Trimming

This function allows you to heavily modify your video. It allows you to make trending reels, create reels with trending audio, make your reel much more engaging. That's the power of trimming.

#3 Most Important Editing Function- Texts

Text is important because most users have their reels muted by default. You need text to deliver the message clearer, with impact and interest them to unmute.