Reels Masterclass (Early Bird)

Chapter 2: Reel Marketing Strategy

Reel Marketing Strategy & 3 Pillars of Reels

You need these 3 reel pillars for your business. Follow this guide

  • Small account: focus 50-70% on reach reels
  • Big account: 33/33/33 equally on all 3 types.

Reach Reels for Physical Products (Maximize Reach & Going Viral)

Are you selling a physical product? Use this method to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Case Study for Physical Products (xsuit)

xsuit is one of the accounts I like when it comes to product reels. Their reels don't have lots of views because they focus on ads. But they're on the right track.

Going Viral & More Views for Service Provider

Want your service to be well-known on Instagram. Here're few methods to get more views and reach with reels.

Nurturing Reel- The Key to Convert Followers to Customers

Some people are just not ready to buy from you the first time. They don't know you. This type of reels are excellent in converting followers.

Getting 'Personal' with Nurturing Reels

Connect with your audience through your personal experience in your work, business and others. This is a great way to build trusts and relationship to convert them.

Converting Customers with Case Studies

Case Study and Story Telling are great ways to sell. They build trusts and deliver the message effectively.

Getting People Excited to Buy with Reels

Sometimes, you need to give them a little push to get some sales. Conversion reels do this really well.

Selling 'Convenience' with Reels

If your product offer 'convenience' such as making their life easier or save time, here's how to sell.

Getting People Excited to Buy Your Service

Are you offering coaching, training, marketing or other services? Try these methods to convert followers.