Chapter 3: Boost & Stand Out

3 Proven Ways to Boost Reel Views & Engagement

Want to 5-20x your views and engagement? Here are 3 ways you must try. If not, your reels will not stand out from others.

The 3-Step Plan to Viral Reels

How to create viral reels in 3 steps? This is the script Alex always use to achieve 20k-1M views.

Viral Reel Script that Alex Uses in All His Reels

This is script Alex uses in all his reels to achieve great results.

5-20X Reel Views & Engagement with Surrounding Resources

This method is better than copying ideas and methods from other creators. Make full use of what you have to boost views and engagements.

The Power of TALENTS in Reel Marketing

People love to watch talented people displaying their talents. It's amazing, interesting and entertaining. Use your talents to stand out.

3 Bonus Hacks to Boost Reel Views & Engagement

3 more powerful & proven ways to boost reel views & engagement. You will be surprised by the results with these 3 ways.

Start Your Reels Step-by-Step

Congrats for completing the course. But it's not over. Paying for a gym membership doesn't guarantee fitness. Your REEL journey just started.